Artist Statement


to listen, to see, to smell, to taste, to touch

We experience ourselves through the ways we relate to others and this provides us with organizing perspectives for personal and interpersonal actions. I am interested in the experiences that are shared and relational and how these experiences and emergent conflicts determine a body’s emergence of sense of self and its connection to the multi-cultural world of today.

I seek to explore the body’s relationship to the physiological, cultural and religious experiences beyond binaries and compartmentalization. Amidst the interstitial space of mediative experience, I seek to rethink the Islamic agency, to the historical and religious aspects of cultural and cross-cultural and spiritual experiences? Furthermore, how can these experiences be shared through gestures, rituals, actions and language? The mediative multi-cultural experiences allow the viewer to navigate past the territory of stereotypes and clichés, and elevate the body from categorizations. It is a montage of self-reflection, critique and story telling.

I produce live and video performances that create embodied sensorial experiences. The participatory elements in the performances allow the viewer to be part of the work as I evoke emotive reactions through heightened gestures, multi-lingual conversations, taste, lighting and sounds. Theatrical spaces are created using everyday materials (such as fabric, wine, spices, prayer rug etc.), which have cultural relevance and religious resonance. The performers invite viewers into a world partly recognizable and partly foreign, invoking a narrative that leaves them with questions. The performances highlights how the perceptions of the body, translate across culture and language; how we have an ability to connect and impact each other beyond physical, cultural or religious conventions.