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Red Prayers

The gallery floor is covered by white fabric leaving walking room on all four sides of the gallery so that the viewers can walk around and view the performance. Wine glasses are served at the gallery entrance so that the veiwers drink wine as the performer performs. The performance space is installed with a tub filled with wine on one side that is enclosed within a thin white fabric hanging from the ceiling. There are two tables in the other side with five sets of garments; including a dress, pieces of fabrics, and gloves in each set. The performer walks towards the tables and wears the garments, which cover her entire body. She then walks towards the other side of the room, and steps in the tub. She performs a selected acts from the Islamic ritual of wuzu ablution and recites the following lines,

“Raat pee Zamzam pe mai aur subh dam Dhoye dhab’be jam-e-ehraam ke” “At night I drank wine from the holy Zamzam, And at dawn I washed off the stains from my dress”

She steps out shivering, while still reciting the verse and rubbing her dress frantically to get rid of the stains. She soon tears the dress off from her body and hangs it from hooks in the center of the space. There are five hooks and each hook is hung above a drawing of a prayer rug on the floor. The performer moves into a calm tone as in the beginning of the first act, and repeats the entire act again. There are a total of five acts in the performance where the performer repeats the entire act in a cyclical nature.

Project Video 1
  • 2014Date:
  • Natasha JoziBy: